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Mandawa Fort - Shekawati - Monuments of Rajasthan

Mandawa Fort - Shekawati The beautifully exhibited town dating back to 17th century is Mandawa in Shekawati of Rajasthan, the land of Royals. The gorgeously decorated havelis dotted across the region attract global travelers and you may happen to see even the very popular actors and actresses in any of the haveli, as those elegant structures are more preferred shooting destinations.

No tourist can skip visiting the popular havelis in Mandawa and we will have a quick recap of those havelis which top the list in all verticals.

Binsidhar Newatia Haveli is one such popular structure attracting tourists visiting Rajasthan. Though the building houses a branch of a Bank, you can still explore the parts of the haveli. Chokkani Double Haveli is known for the best of unique paintings and the way if life of Royal Rajputs. The traditional Rajasthani architecture is well exhibited in Murmuria Haveli dating back to 1930s drawing number of tourists during peak season period.

There are lot more attractions across Mandawa to be explored and enjoyed when you plan a visit to Rajasthan this time.

Information for Tourist :

Choose between September and March to visit Rajasthan to comfortably enjoy the elegance of the state.

Wear comfortable outfits and footwear. Carry a waterbottle and wear a hat as you may need to wear a little longer to explore the different havelis.

The havelis of Mandawa never fail to fascinate every visitor with the wonderful architectures, exquisite paintings, huge halls, elaborate structures making you travel into the history of Rajputs and know the way of their lives.

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