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Ranakpur Jain Temple The three storeyed marble grandeur, dedicated to Lord Rishabadeva, is the Chaturmukha Jain Temple, located at a plinth in the Aravalli mountain Ranges is the Ranakpur Jain Temple, one of the vibrant architectures, making you spell bound with its rich cultural heritage and extraordinary architecture, surpassing the vagaries of time.

History :

The grand Ranakpur Jain Temple was constructed with full fifty years of devotion and hard work of artisans between 1446 and 1496. The sublimity of Divine Bliss is reflected in every stone of the temple in the form of exquisite sculptures, intricately designed figurines, pillars with marvellous art works and the myriad of art forks scattered all through. You simply feel ecstatic when you visit this temple.

The four entrances on the four sides of the temple leads you to the sanctum where four pure white 72 inch tall images of Baghavan Adinath are installed facing four different directions. Same is the case in the other two floors of the edifice. Besides, the premise accommodates, 76 smaller domed shrines, four assembly halls and principal shrines and several other sub shrines and most importantly, there are 1444 uniquely carved pillars, highlighting the beauty of this grand architecture.

Festivals :

Mahavir Janma Kalyanak or Mahavir Jeyanthi is the most prominent festival celebrated in Ranakpur Jain temple. The temple witnesses thousands of devotees during the festival participating in the various ritual earmarking the birthday of Mahavir, founder of Jainism .

Dress Code :

Ranakpur Jain temple follows a strict dress code for the devotees and tourists to enter the premise. You are expected to wear costumes covering your legs, shoulders and arms too.

Temple Timings :

The temple is kept opened from 6 AM to 7 PM, people following both Jainism and non-jainism visit this temple.

Best Time to visit :

October to March

How To Reach Birla Mandir :

Ranakpur Jain Temple can be reached easily from Udaipur crossing around 80km distance.

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