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Popular Destinations In India

India is a diversified land with varied culture, lifestyles, history, heritage and traditions surprising the travellers from both domestic and international sectors, every time they visit Mother India. A first time traveller to India always gets amazed to look at the magnificent palaces and forts, beautifully architected temples housing intricate sculptures and figurines and wildlife sanctuaries, mist wrapped hill stations, gorgeous waterfalls, treasures in the valleys sitting between majestic mountains, unending expanse of lush green tea plantations and on the contrary dry deserts, colourful festivals round the year for every season, exotic cuisines unique to every region, languages and lifestyles, all together showcasing you an exclusively different country strongly bonded with differences. A first time traveller will find it difficult to interpret the history behind those incredible structures and locations.

Travelers visiting India gets connected to Her for no reasons and try to follow their dreams of exploring India towards its roots. Not all succeeds in their attempts as India has many facets with deeper insights of traditions, culture and values, which kindles the interest of the global tourists to look for more interpretations in their subsequent journeys to India.

India is home to temples standing intact even after crossing 1000 years. The Great Living Chola Temples at Tanjore, Gangai Konda Cholapuram and Darasuram are the classic examples of such a brilliant engineering expertise. Palaces which were the royal residences depict the lifestyles of yesteryears’ rulers. Umaidbahwan palace the last grand palace built during pre-independence period, is timeless classic and a “must to visit” architecture while touring in Rajasthan.

Houseboats of Alleppey in Kerala and Dal lake of Kashmir are the spectacular choices to go on a cruise in the low current backwaters and enjoy the serene nature, which will indeed be a soulful journey to get revitalized.The list of destinations to visit in India is an endless one!Plan for a tour to explore parts of India with the impeccable itineraries crafted by South Tourism.

Popular Cities To Visit In India