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Auroville: India's 'City of Dawn'


Having more than 3000 people as inmates from around 56 nations,who have been quenching answers for millions of questions about life and its meanings, Auroville tries to gives answers to all.

Established by Mirra Alfassa, or more appropriately  called as “The Mother”, Auroville is unique in all aspects. The main motto of Auroville is to realise human unity in diversity. The inmates as well as the visitors to Auroville endorse the experiential learning they have gone through with respect to the human unity and conscious living.

Sprawling over an area of 3000 acres which was once a barren land is now evolved as a lush green dense forests with accommodations, eateries, guest houses and other amenities at strategic locations.

The most prominent location in Auroville is the Matrimandir, which is labelled by the Auroville people as Not just a tourist site. An wonderful video on the introduction about Matrimandir can give you more insight into the purpose and benefits of visiting it followed by which you will be led to the actual location. Sitting in peace inside the petal meditation rooms or the inner chamber is un undoubtedly unique experience for anyone visiting Auroville.

A systematically organised city, Auroville has various avenues to explore. The experts who have been associated with Auroville for quite long time are involved in the different programmes offered by Auroville. You can enrol yourself as a student, an intern, a volunteer or a resident if you find yourself fit into their constraints. You can see number of inmates from the other countries moving around in cycles and living in simple houses with thatched roofs. Being simple with less expectations and commitments and leading a life in line with the nature and environment are the prime objective for the inmates of Auroville.

It is for sure that Auroville has something to teach for everyone visiting the premises.

Promenade Beach, Auroville beach, Auroville Botanical Gardens are some of the other interesting locations in Pondicherry.

How To Reach :

Air : From Chennai International Airport, Auroville is at a distance of 140 kms, for which a prepaid taxi can be hired.

Train : Auroville can be reached traveling by road in less than three hours from the Chennai Egmore and Central Railway junctions.

Road : The Union Territory of Pondicherry has well laid network of roads connecting the major cities in the neighbouring states. Auroville can be reached in a hassle free road travel from any of the prominent cities around.