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Telangana - Monuments - Medak Fort

Medak Fort

Behold the masterpiece of Kakatiyas architecture in the Medak Fort. This colossal built though hoary, never miss to impress the beholders. Three main entrances namely "Prathama Dwaram", "Gaja Dwaram" and "Simha Dwaram" adorn the threshold of the fort.

The “ Gandabherundam” carries the insignia of Kakatiyas, the two headed birds and a trident etched on the cannon. This fort is completed during 12th century, by Pratapa Rudra, one of the Kakatiya emperor and is known by the name Methukudurgam.

A bend of Muslima and style can be seen in this fort. Placed on a hillock, this fort serves best panoramic view of Medak.