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Ashtami Rohini - Festival in Kerala

Ashtami Rohini

Krishna Janmashtami-The Birthday of Lord Krishna

Ashtami Rohini symbolizes the birth of Lord Krishna as per the Hindu Philosophy. Birth of Lord Krishna is celebrated with much vigor in Kerala and the festival normally falls between August and September every year, that is, during the Malayalam month Chingam. Ashtami Rohini is also called as Krishna Jeyanthi or Janmashtami.

Lord Krishna is the most favorite God for all and it is believed that the truth of good wins the evil is again proved with the birth of Lord Krishna. On the Ashtami day with the Tamil star Rohini, the festival is celebrated.

Lord Krishna is found to be a foodie during his childhood, is stated in the epics. He is very much fond of butter. So, people make lot of dishes, savory items with lot of butter in it and offer to Lord Krishna during the poojas. Children are dressed up like Lord Krishna on that day making everyone feel that the God Himself has graced the housemates with His presence. The religious festivals in Hinduism are emotionally connected with people.

You can even see people draw the footprints of small Krishna, starting from their doorsteps and the drawing ends at the Pooja Room, symbolizing that Lord Krishna has entered and went upto the Pooja Room.In some parts of Kerala, people observe fasting for the whole day and end their fast at midnight, because Lord Krishna is believed to have born in the prison to Vasudev and Vasuki during midnight.

Thus, the festivals in every season strengthen the bonds of spirituality and peace among people and rejuvenates their spirits of living in communal harmony and happiness. Ashtami Rohini is one such beautiful festival and in 2021, it will be celebrated on 30th August, 2021.