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Art forms in Telangana

Telangana is best known for the art works and dance forms in practice since very old times. As Telangana is home for the major cotton producing lands, the arts and crafts involving the textile industry are quite popular across the state. Batik Paintings, Pochampalli handooms, Narayanapet handlooms and Gadwa handlooms are most popular among women keen to purchase unique variety of costumes. Nirmal painting and Nirmal toys are popular across the entire country since 14th century with the wonderfully made soft wooden toys and paintings with myriad colors. Even large boxes, bowls, screens and other specific items have been made with the exquisite Nirmal paintings.

The dance forms of Telangana are so unique and it will be a blissful experience to watch. Perini Thandavam is the most popular art form of Telangana. During the period of Kakatiya Dyansty, prior to start for a battle, the male members used to dance in front of Lord Shiva. Gusadi, Kuchipidi, Lambadi are the popular dance forms of Telangana. Bhamakalpam and Gollakalapam are the traditional dance forms of the state. Danndaria is another most popular dance form performed by the Gonds of Northern Hyderabad and the Gonds claim themselves to be the descendants of Pandavas, the great heroes of popular Indian epic Mahabaharatha.

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