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Adilabad Tourist Places


Behold the beauty of Mother Nature in her full blossom at Adilabad at Telangana. This city of greens is the perfect destination to beat the summer and spend some wholesome time with nature. The serenity of the place lures millions of tourists every year.  This lovely land is known for its picturesque plains, sublime surrounding, lush forests and milky waters. You can trek through those verdant forests, or drench in the silvery cascade or just relax in the in the well-groomed farms. Just give a break from your mechanic life and spend few days at this lovely paradise and reveal the beauty of nature.

Kuntala Waterfalls

This waterfalls is hailed as the highest waterfalls in Telangana. This beautiful waterfall is located amidst the gorgeous Sahyadri Mountain Range nearby Neredikonda Village. There is a small myth behind this waterfall. It is said that this is the waterfall where Shakuntala and King Dushyanta fell in love with each other. And so tis falls is named after Shakuntala “Kuntala falls”. This falls will surely make everyone fall in love with its great amount of water that gushes out and cascades flawlessly. Near to this falls is the Someshwara temple, which is very famous for Maha shivarathi. The devotees coming for the temple, will surely take bath in this falls.

Kawal Wildlife Sanctuary

This notable sanctuary that sprawls across an area of 893sq km and is recently declared as one of the Tiger reserves in India. In April 2012 this forest was declared as the tiger reserve and several steps had been taken to stop poaching. Going on a safari inside this sanctuary is stir your thrill and enthusiasm. This sanctuary is located at a distance of 250 kilometers from Hyderabad. Along with teak forest Bamboo, Terminalia, Pterocarpus, Anogeisus and Cassias are rooted. This sanctuary surely worth a visit.

Paranahita Wildlife

Across an area of 136 sq km, this sanctuary is situated. This forest is known for its natural beauty and dense trees, which gives the beholder the illusion of forests in North East. The Pranahita River that flows through this sanctuary is yet another fascinating thing and ads more beauty to the surrounding. This sanctuary is blessed with rich diversity of vegetation and wildlife. Most commonly seen animals include sloth bear, langur, forest cat, tiger, hyenas and leopards. Exploring this sanctuary during October to March would be a perfect.

Pochera Waterfalls

River Godaveri leaps down to take the form of Pochera waterfalls. This waterfalls is situated with lush greens as the backdrop. Give your worn our eyes a visual treat at this waterfalls. No souls is left without being enchanted by the great beauty of this falls that cascade down at a height of 20m. This waterfalls will surely lift your spirits up.

Sivaram Wildlife Sanctuary

In the year of 1987, this amazing wildlife sanctuary was established sprawling across an area of 36 sq.km. Tis sanctuary is one of the most famous tourist destination at Adilabad. Situated on the banks of river Gothaveri, the sanctuary is blessed with rich flora and fauna. Some of the animals found here are tigers, panthers, wild boar, sloth bear, and python and especially the crocodiles found in the river.

Mahatma Gandhi Park

If you are looking for some place that is quiet and natural, you could visit Mahatma Gandhi Park. It is a very popular destination where you will find local people and tourists visiting in great numbers to enjoy the tranquility. It is a great place for relaxed walking and exercising. This well maintained park with a pleasant atmosphere makes your day. It is also a perfect place to meditate amidst the different types of plants and trees.

Kala Ashram

Kala Ashram is known for its tranquil ambiance. This ashram was found in the year 1979, by Shri Ravindra Sharma. This ashram house a wide range of books related to rural society. The main focus of this Ashram it to develop the essence of arts and cultural among the native and tourist. Even this ashram takes immense care in developing the fading art form Bhiksha Vruttis.

Basar Saraswathi Temple

The prime deity of this temple is Goddess Saraswathi, the God of arts and studies. This temple is the finest example for Chalukya architecture and stands as a prominent temple in Telangana.  There is the legend that many thousand years ago a group of pilgrimages did severe penance in this spot, due to which the place has got many miraculous powers. Visiting this temple on auspicious days will bring all good luck and prosperity. The temple is an old pilgrimage spot where many pilgrims come to Basara to perform the Akshara abhyasam ceremony for the children before they start formal school education. Devotees offer books, pens, pencils and notebooks to the goddess to seek her blessing. Basar Saraswati Temple is situated at confluence of River Godavari and River Mangira in Basar. The temple is thronged with devotees during Vasant Panchami and Navratri.

Jainath Temple:

This temple is built in the style of Jain architecture and is one of the famous Jainism abodes. This temple is located at 21 km from Adilabad in Jain village. The famous Prakrit stone with the engravings of 20 slokas is installed at this temple. It is believed that during the period of Pallavas, this temple was built. The temple is visited by large number of devotees especially between Karthika Sudda Astami and Bahula Saptami. Lord Lakshmi Narayana Swami Temple located in the vicinity of this temple is also a major shrine.


Air : The nearest airport to Adilabad is at Hyderabad (322 km). From there one needs to hire a cab or take a bus to reach Adilabad.

Train : Adilabad has its own railway station and is well connected to the major cities in Indian.

Bus : The national highways connects Adilabad to all parts of India. There are lots of bus frequency to the cities like, Hyderabad, and Medak.