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Khammam Tourist Places


Every place has its own way of telling the world, of its existence even from billions of years ago. For this monuments, forts and other solid testimonies act as a valid proof. It’s a pride for every city to have a rich past and memorable history. One such place with cultural richness and inevitable history is the city Khammam. This serene land is believed to be inhabited by people even some 1.6 million years ago. Lord Narsimhadri temple at Khammam, validates its existence even before the birth of Christ. An inscription in this temple acclaims that “It was built during the period of Treta Yuga”.

This lovely land is located on the Munneru River banks. Many dynasties got hold of this land, and so this land boasts diverse culture and mixed religions. Khammam is dotted with lots of architectural marvels. Following are the must to visit places on Khammam. Then don’t forget to bring in those incredible things as many of these things leads to mama

Khammam Fort:

This colossal fort was built during the Kakatiyas’ regime. As this fort sit atop Stambhadri hill, it offers a panoramic view of the city below. This 1000 years old fort has passed on to the hands of many rulers, who had made their own style of renovations and added more beauty to this fort. A blend of Hindu and Muslim architectural style can be identified from the fort structures. The fort comprises of temple and other typical fort compartments. This Forts is one of the most famous tourist destination at Khammam.

Kinnerasani Wildlife Sanctuary

Kinnersani wildlife sprawls across an area of 635.4 sq.km and serves as a sweet abode to millions of birds, flora and fauna. Trail through this sanctuary can make us encounter animals including tigers, pythons, hyena, sambar, panthers, jackals, wild boars, cobra and many more. For nature lover, this forest serves the best, encircled by lush greens and rich variety of flowers and trees. Birds from various parts of the world migrate to Kinnerasani Wildlife Sanctuary to make the trees their abode. Adding to this the Deer Park and Kinnerasani Dam adds more beauty to this sanctuary and lures lots of tourist every day. Then I will go to the wait ponnu email here there, are many then if not only great then opposite to the region there are few flammable great in the pose.


Visit Kallur temple and get drenched in the blessing shower of Lord Venu Gopala Swamy. This 400 years old temple is always thronged by devotees. Adjacent to this temple is Shiva temple which was built by Prathapa Rudra. Lord Venu Gopala Swamy was built during the reign of Queen Rudrama Devi. The Shiva temple is famous for the five Swayambu lingas in the inner sanctum.

Lakaram Lake

Lakaram Lake is a popular tourist attraction in Khammam. The lake is promoted as a tourist spot with a park adjacent to the lake called Lakaram Lake View. The lake has boating facilities. Cinemas are shown using a projector every Sunday in the park. The lake and the park offer you a relaxed atmosphere. There are many principles, are for there, are few, dear no